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3 tips for becoming comfortable in your new hometown

Moving to a new city can be a bit intimidating, especially when it comes to meeting people. Here are some tips to help you get settled.


As you unload boxes at your new house or apartment, it might start to feel like a home and not just a space to store your belongings. However, acclimating after relocating often takes time. If you're feeling a bit down or overwhelmed about entering a brand new space, try some of these tips for easing into your new environment:

1) Become a regular

There's nothing that can make you feel at home like a few familiar faces. If you don't have friends living in your new city, look for activities that can help you get to know a people quickly and easily. Online communities such as Meetup or Couchsurfing can help you locate individuals with similar interests, or you can check a local library or community center for announcements about clubs or social gatherings.

If you're feeling a bit shy, try becoming a regular at a local café or diner - who knows what other frequent visitors you might get to know? Joining a gym is another way to meet people without having to be forward in your approach. Once you've seen the same individuals a few times, you can work up the courage to introduce yourself.

2) Become an expert

Living in a city where you don't know many people can be particularly challenging if you feel constantly disoriented by your surroundings. Whether your new hometown is large or small, take the time to get a feel for the general layout. Your explorations should include major necessities, such as government buildings and health and public service facilities, but also a few entertainment locales as well, such as movie theaters, pools or art museums.

Once you're an expert in your new town, you can feel confident showing yourself around. Who knows? You might even be able to help out a lost tourist or two.

3) Become a helper

Sometimes the best way to beat your own loneliness is to help someone else in need. If you find yourself with a bit of extra time in your daily schedule, consider volunteer or social activism opportunities. Pick a cause that you're already passionate about, or explore your options for something new. Whether lending a hand by yourself or with a group, making a difference and contributing to the community can help you feel a sense of ownership and belonging in your new home.

While you're becoming more familiar and comfortable after your move, SmartMove can help find the right internet package in your area to help you get fully settled in!

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