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5 Spectacular Benefits of a Summer Move

Upcoming move? Moving season kicked off in May and many people are gearing up to make the transition - learn why the warm, summer months are the best time for a big move.

There’s many reasons to love summer - lazy days at the park and lively barbeques are just some of the reasons why people adore this time of year. 
Did you know that May through September is also a prime time to schedule a big move? From increased options for housing to comfortable weather, check out these reasons why you should schedule your big move in the upcoming summer months. 

1. It’s Better for DIY Moving

When moving in cold weather, most people hire a moving company. Transporting your valuables on icy ground is a task best left to professionals, not to mention protecting your items from harsh weather conditions. However, summer is the perfect time to try your hand at a DIY move! Packing and unpacking a U-Haul is much easier when snow, rain and ice aren't factors, so going at it yourself is much more manageable.

Check out these easy and effective DIY moving tips for a DIY move.   

2. Prime Time to Have a Garage Sale

Nothing says summer quite like a great garage sale! A garage sale is one of the most cost-effective ways to get rid of old items, and the warm season is the best time to attract lots of customers. Crank up some music and make some lemonade, your garage sale will be buzzing with eager customers in no time!

Check out these tips on how to organize and host a spectacular garage sale.

3. Easier for You & Your Family to Settle in

Moving during the winter months can pose challenges when adjusting to a new neighborhood or city. However, it’s much easier to meet new neighbors, find play dates for the kids and get familiar with your new surroundings during the summer months. 

Summer is synonymous with neighborhood BBQs, kids playing in front yards and lots of neighborhood events - it’s the perfect time to get assimilated to your new town!

4. You’ll Have More Options for Housing

If you’re looking to rent, a summer move is ideal. As June rolls around, many college students are looking to move out for the summer, which results in an abundance of available apartments. Many property management companies are looking to quickly fill these vacant rentals so you’re more likely to score an awesome move-in special as well.

If you’re looking to purchase a home, many sellers tend to put their homes up for sale during the summer as well.

5. Did We Mention Spectacular Weather?

Gorgeous weather is the most obvious benefit of moving during the summer. The days are longer and you won’t need to worry about how to transport your life during a hailstorm. A sunny sky and warm breeze can make even something as hectic as loading a moving truck much more pleasant. 

Summer is more than just fun in the sun, it’s also a great time to pencil in your upcoming move. Once winter rolls around, you’ll be settled in and free to enjoy the holidays in your new home! 

If you’re ready to start the summer moving process, make sure it’s seamless by checking out SmartMove’s customizable moving guide - from movers to timelines, our guide allows you to customize your move exactly how you want it.

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