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10 Reasons Why New Yorkers Love Their City

The best places to visit in a new city isn't always found in the guidebook. What better way to explore New York than to go where the locals go? Check out our list of top ten reasons why New Yorkers just can't get enough of their city.

1. The Empire State Building 

While this attraction IS mentioned in most guidebooks, we just couldn't leave it out. With over 3.5M visitors per year, The Empire State Building is the pride and joy of New York City.

2. The Brooklyn Bridge 

This New York City attraction is easily the most photographed item on this list. An instagram celebrity it its own right, The Brooklyn Bridge receives thousands of joggers, walkers and vehicles crossing her path on a daily basis.

3. The Chelsea Market

With twinkling lights and cozy, vintage appeal, The Chelsea Market is a gem that all New Yorkers visit when a foodie craving strikes.

4. The Highline 

Overlooking the historic Meat Packing District of Manhattan, The Highline is New York's newest attraction that residents flock to every weekend. From a breathtaking sunset to live performances, you can experience it all at The Highline.

5. The Halal Guys

If you ever see a line wrapped around a New York City block, chances are that there's a Halal Guys at the front of it. The Halal Guys is a perfect example of why New York City is one of the food capitals of the world.

6. The Apollo Theater 

The Apollo Theater in Harlem is a historic New York City landmark that truly embodies the diversity and soul that has become the essence of New York City's theater culture.

 7. Bryant Park

While Bryant Park may not be as well-known as the infamous Central Park, New Yorkers flock to this lush haven whenever they are in need of an escape. From bike trails to the New York City Library, it's the perfect place to unwind from city life.

8. Union Square

With a farmer's market that attracts thousands of visitors each weekend to the best people-watching New York City has to offer, Union Square is NYC's own version of the town square.

9. The Whitney Museum

While the Met is undoubtedly the more famous museum in New York City, the Whitney is the lesser-known but cooler cousin. The unique and eye-catching architecture is just a taste of what amazing pieces lies within its walls.

10. The New York City Library

Captivating literature isn't the only thing that will have you hooked on this great NYC landmark. From amazing speakers to theater performances, the New York City Library is not your every day neighborhood hangout.


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