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What Cable TV Providers are Available in My Area?

Like most utility and service providers, cable provider availability varies by location. Luckily – in even the most remote corners of the country – quality, reliable cable service from a trusted provider, or choice of cable providers, is typically available.

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The days of flipping through the channels are over. From interactive guides to on-demand programming, it's easier now than ever to watch TV shows and movies wherever and whenever you want.

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Best in Every Class

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Since cable TV first began illuminating televisions in Arkansas, Oregon, and Pennsylvania more than 70 years ago, our reliance on it to deliver entertainment and information has only grown. And naturally, the personal choice of which forms of entertainment and information we prefer to watch has grown right along with it. Cable providers of today understand there is an ongoing need to provide customers with the best in every class – the best service, the best options, the best value, and the best overall satisfaction. The consumer reaps the rewards of this constant innovation in an ever-improving cable landscape that leaves no room for under-performers.

Whichever cable TV providers are available in your area, you can rest assured they have earned their ability to survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive market, and will continue to keep getting even better.

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Which TV service is right for your home

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Any Cable Bundle Combination

Whether you’re looking to bundle cable and Internet, Internet and phone, cable and smart home options, or any combination that fits your needs, the top providers we partner with are sure to have the ‘total package!’


Changing Service Needs

There are countless life events that can affect our cable and Internet needs, from adding new members to our household, to picking up a high-bandwidth hobby like online gaming! As your needs change, look for plans that deliver what you need now.

Options Available from the Major Cable Providers

Provider Provider Options
Found out about a new show and can’t wait to dive right in? With Armstrong TVe, you can binge episode after episode – or even season after season – right from Netflix, Hulu, or the network itself. Click into your preferred show to learn more about its availability. Learn More
Cable fans who are often on-the-go love how easy Atlantic Broadband makes it to watch their favorite television shows and movies wherever their day takes them! You can learn more about tapping into your Atlantic Broadband cable subscription from your PC or mobile device here. Learn More
Customers are loving Cox Contour TV, a hybrid of live television and streaming – complete with a Voice Remote – that helps get your preferred programming on the screen before the popcorn has even started popping! Learn More
We have all tried our hardest to stay awake through our favorite show after a long day only to wake up on the couch hours later not knowing how it ended. With FidelityTV’s Replay TV, you can rewind and watch shows from up to 3 days ago! Learn More
Whether you’re traveling, relaxing at a friend’s house, or just want to catch up on your favorite show on your lunch break, GCI’s TV Everywhere is available at no extra cost for subscribers. Learn More
The FUSION multi-room HD-DVR is the solution to family members fighting for control of the remote that you’ve been looking for! You can watch or record up to six shows at once, and watch them in HD from any room in your home. Learn More
Mediacom’s TiVo DVR service offers unbelievable storage capabilities. Gone are the days of having to delete something you haven’t had a chance to watch yet just to make room. This generation of TiVo DVR offers a recording capacity of 1,000 SD and 150 HD hours. To put that into perspective, Mediacom’s website highlights that is enough room for 300 episodes of Modern Family! Learn More
Optimum is a favorite for families that love international diversity in their programming options. Their international channel add-on options include Optimum en español, Optimum Russian, Optimum Chinese, and more. Learn More
Do you find yourself quietly enjoying your favorite show in the living room, only to have the noise levels unexpectedly rise when the kids, your roommate, or your significant other get home? With TiVo Stream from Sparklight, you can pause your show in the living room, and pick up right where you left off from another room in the house! This is also especially beneficial if you’re moving from room to room as you cook or do chores. Learn More
Are you a fan of HD television, and simply can’t appreciate standard-definition now that you know how crisp and clear everything can be? Spectrum is definitely worth looking into if it’s available in your area, with a huge selection of HD channels that provide an immersive experience. Learn More
There’s a lot to love about Suddenlink, but movie fans are especially excited by Suddenlink service providing the latest Hollywood blockbusters the same day they’re released on DVD. If you simply can’t wait for Netflix or Redbox availability, Suddenlink often has the hits before they’re available on those services. Learn More
Xfinity X1 makes organizing your media options a cinch, with everything from live television to Netflix conveniently located in one spot – already signed in and ready-to-watch – using the Emmy Award-winning voice remote. Learn more about X1 here! Learn More

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